EuroPVM/MPI 2006 » Bonn in Pictures

Picture Gallery of Bonn

Aerial View of Bonn.In the front, the yellow bulding of the University is visible. The two high buildings house the United Nations (UN) and the Deutsche Post AG. In the background, the mountains of the Siebengebirge mark the start of a large wooded area.
A monument of Ludwig van Beethoven
, who was born and raised in Bonn, in front of the central post office on one of the many squares in central Bonn.

View of the Poppelsdorfer Schloss, a 1715 summer residence in central Bonn, now part of the University. It features a large park and a botanic garden.

View of the Kunstmuseum Bonn, one of multiple museums along the ‘mile of museum’ in southern Bonn. It bears important collections of German art from August Macke, Max Ernst and Joseph Beuys.

The Kennedy Bridge, crossing the Rhine, at Night. The large white building at the left is the opera.